Gina Grandi is a music and dance promoter from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Involved with music and dance productions and events for 12 years, she enjoys a wide cross section of the diverse cultures which include DJs, circus artists, bellydancers,  Persian and Central Asian dance artists and the productions of traditional music concerts featuring master artists.  Gina has worked tirelessly to assist other and produce her own events that aim to be aimed at bridging the cultural divide and providing an opportunity for more cross cultural pollination and intercultural understanding.  Along the way she has developed a knack for promoting.  She currently is working on the Festival of the Silk Road  and assisting master percussionist Pezhham Akhavass with concerts. Through her involvement and production of traditional Persian music events, she has learned about building audiences and generating a sense of trust in the community for the high quality and professional productions.

It can also be noted that Gina has over 11 years in the San Francisco Burning Man scene and has been active in both the communities of Opel Productions and Opulent Temple.

Gina has also many years of experience running non profit organizations, including the San Francisco League of Women Voters, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association and currently at the Yerba Buena Alliance.


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